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What is mica titanium pearlescent pigment?

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Mica pearlescent pigment is commonly known as mica titanium pearlescent powder. It is a kind of micro-powder formed by coating a layer of titanium dioxide and other metal oxides alternately on the surface of natural or synthetic mica flakes as the core. It is a plane sandwich body which is very similar to natural pearls in structure. Each piece of pearlescent pigment can be regarded as a tiny triangular prism, so it can also decompose the white composite light into colorful monochromatic light like an ordinary triangular prism, thus showing extremely beautiful pearl luster and metallic luster.

The color produced by pearlescent pigment is formed by the refraction of light, so it is a typical pseudocolor. In terms of the intensity of reflected light, the pearlescent pigment with relatively coarse particle size can produce a metallic visual sensation like starlight flashing; The pearlescent pigment with finer particle size presents delicate and soft pearl luster similar to silk and soft satin. When light is incident, part of the light is reflected by the surface facial mask layer, and the other part of the light is reflected again after it is refracted through the film layer and shines on the muscovite matrix. When light refracts, reflects, partially absorbs and partially penetrates at the interface for many times, parallel light interferes, thus forming the pearly effect, which is precisely from the interference of light.

It can be seen that the basic structure of pearlescent pigment is very similar to that of natural pearl. The only difference is that mica titanium pearlescent pigment is a plane sandwich, while natural pearl is a spherical sandwich. The pearly luster of mica titanium pearlescent pigment is due to the multiple reflection of light caused by the parallel distribution of pearlescent pigment chips in the color carrier. Like natural pearls, when light shines on the surface of mica pearlescent pigment, it always transmits the remaining light to the next layer of pigment chip while reflecting most of the incident light, and then repeats the reflection and transmission of light again. This repeatedly interferes with the incident light for many times, making the white composite light decompose into colorful monochromatic light, presenting colorful colors.

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