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Complete knowledge of fluorescent pigments

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Fluorescent pigment is a kind of pigment that not only reflects the light of its own hue, but also reflects part of its fluorescence. It has a high brightness and higher reflected light intensity than ordinary pigments and dyes, making people feel dazzling.

Fluorescent pigments are mainly divided into inorganic fluorescent pigments and organic fluorescent pigments. Some metals, such as zinc, calcium and strontium, can absorb the energy of vision or artificial light after special treatment, store the energy of light, and release the stored energy in the dark again to emit light, which is called luminous pigment, also known as inorganic fluorescent pigment. In addition to absorbing a part of visible light, organic fluorescent pigments can also absorb a part of ultraviolet light and convert it into visible light to release it. Thus, the quantity of reflected light and the brightness of pigment are added. It is characterized by fluorescent effect in sunlight, bright color, but poor light fastness. There is also a kind of fluorescent pigment that is synthesized artificially, and its essence is a pigment type fluorescent dye. Common fluorescent pigments include fluorescent pink, fluorescent red, fluorescent rose, fluorescent orange, fluorescent orange, fluorescent orange, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent lemon yellow, fluorescent green, fluorescent blue, fluorescent violet, fluorescent purple peach, etc.

According to the carrier resin, fluorescent pigments can be divided into thermoplastic, thermosetting and soluble water emulsion types; According to the application to plastics, it can be divided into low temperature type, medium temperature type and high temperature type; It can be divided into water-based coating, oil-based coating and powder coating according to its application; According to the environmental protection objectives, it can be divided into those containing formaldehyde and those without formaldehyde.

Fluorescent pigments have excellent performance in the coloring of plastics, sols, paper products, color pastes, inks, paints, paints, masterbatches, chemical fibers, textiles, etc. Under natural conditions, as well as in dim conditions and lack of light, fluorescent gloss has far better visibility than traditional gloss, can attract people's attention earlier and faster, and can hold this kind of attention for a longer time, and greatly increases the opportunity for people to look back at the second or even the third eye. The earliest and most extensive commercial application of fluorescent pigments is various kinds of advertisements. From the billboards inside and outside the shops to the huge advertisements beside the highway; From various commodity packaging, to various magazine covers and advertising inserts, and so on. With the development of commodity economy and science and technology, fluorescent pigments and their functions have been widely used in more fields. For example, in terms of safety symbols: fire fighting and rescue vehicles, rescue facilities and equipment, construction sites, risk equipment, other industrial equipment and places, traffic symbols, clothing for traffic workers, clothing for forestry workers and hunters, etc.

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