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Common problems in the use of pearlescent pigments for paints

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Summary of common problems in the application of pearlescent pigment for coating: coating is a kind of material, which can be coated on the surface of objects with different construction processes to form a solid film with solid adhesion, certain strength and continuity. The paint added with pearlescent pigment is more distinctive than the traditional paint, with colorful colors and gorgeous effects, and is loved by many professions. However, there may be some problems in the application of pearlescent pigment for paint. Let's discuss it in this article.

1. Pearlescent pigment reduces the mechanical function of paint film
The cause of this problem is generally due to the excessive use of pearlescent pigments, which can be reduced in the process of application, and then prevent this problem. Of course, too little is also necessary, which requires the manufacturer to have rich experience to operate, carry out systematic matching, and then reach the role of Zuijia.

2. Discoloration
There are two main reasons for the color change of pearlescent pigment coatings. One is the poor function of the base material, which causes color change, and the other is the discoloration of other pigments. In order to deal with the problem of paint discoloration, we can choose the base material with good function, and also replace the faded pigment, perhaps choose the correct pearlescent pigment.

3. No pearlescent effect or poor pearlescent effect
The lack of pearlescent effect of the paint may also be one of the common problems of poor pearlescent effect. There are many reasons for this problem that need to be checked one by one, such as the stability of the paint, the poor compatibility between the components, the poor dispersion fineness of other pigments except pearlescent pigments, the excessive amount of concealed pigments, the poor orientation of pearlescent pigments, and the crystal breakage of pearlescent pigments caused by incorrect dispersion. After continuous summary by the pearlescent pigment manufacturers, To deal with this problem, we can check the stability of the paint and the compatibility of each component, check whether the paint that uses the pigment alone is clear after curing, improve the orientation of the pearlescent pigment, and adopt the correct dispersion method.

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